About us

Welcome to the website of Tabarak Ltd. The aim of the company is the reconstruction of the Republic of Iraq through winning and execution of tenders called by the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals. The successful realization of the projects is with the cooperation of mainly Hungarian and partially that of other European countries.
The co-owner/directors of the company are Mansoor Dahash Ali and Abdulrahman Dahash Ali, members of the Iraqi Businessman Union who gained reputation for serious professional and economical successes in the Iraqi business life. The future activities of this European enterprise include animal growing and animal food trade, in the course of which healthy animals and those that are qualified for halal cut (meeting the Islamic laws) are shipped to Iraq and fed by suitable foods.  


Tabarak Kft.
address: 1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 3-4. IV/1.
phone: +36 1 789 0827
e-mail: info@tabarak.eu
website: www.tabarak.eu